Let's Do the Time Warp--and More

Tonight, a friend posted the Time Warp on Facebook. I needed to relive my teen years, so I played it. Chef decided to watch, because honestly, if I have the audio on my laptop, the boy runs to check it out.

Ed and I sang along some of the audience participation parts ('get the F off the desk!' cracked him up) and he was fascinated:

Then, we explained bringing the accoutrements (rice, toilet paper, water pistols, newspapers, lighters, playing cards, etc) and then I mentioned a scene in the movie where the main character turns around after he thinks he's sung to an entire audience, only to find the seats empty. The first time I saw it, someone yelled out "Hey, look, it's a Menudo concert!" The last time I saw it in a theatre, that line called out the Backstreet Boys.

So, as Chef did not know who Menudo was, I pulled up this little gem off You Tube. Yeah, even though I understand a lot of what they're singing, if anything, they've gotten worse than I remember!


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