The Cat Isn't as Dumb as I Thought

While Ed was out this afternoon, Scamp opened our closed bedroom door and camped out under my bed. He's still there, just out of reach. While I love that we got a king bed 99.9999% of the time, I don't like the fact that I can't reach Scamp to remove him from the bedroom.

Meanwhile, I have cat allergies. When I did the skin patch testing, there was a quarter sized welt on my arm. I asked the nurse "what is THAT?" and she nonchalantly replied "Oh, that's cat." I had no idea, because I'd never lived in a house with one.

When Game Teen had the same skin patch testing when he was three, same deal. Huge welt, larger than all the rest. I think it upset Ed, an avid cat person, that his house had two people allergic to cats.

I'm partial to owning dogs, so we have been at an impasse for a while.

Until now.

I think tomorrow's plans include a trip to Home Despot to get a couple of doorknobs that are not of the lever variety, then to find some manner of getting the animal out of the room.

Thanks, Jane.


meghan said…
Cats are surprisingly brilliant, they just rarely do anything to let you see it. Just look at how they train their people! lol

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