Things That Change When a Cat Becomes a Member of the Home

You no longer have privacy in the bathroom. (the cat also will insist on you petting him)

Your wardrobe of mostly green shirts and black pants rapidly gains fawn colored fur.

The sound of rustling in the kitchen no longer means one of the children has disobeyed bedtime.

You become startled by a sound right behind your head when you're sitting on the couch, but it's just the cat jumping up to visit you.

You lament the fact that you don't have a lint brush and keep forgetting to pick one up when you go to WalMart.

You have to teach the animal that no, we do not allow the pets to climb into our food.

As much as you like your Vera bags, the cat likes them more and tries to make them his bed.

You insist that this stay will be temporary, but the cat has other plans.


Yep, that's a cat all right...
simba2 said…

"Congrats" and welcome to my world :) You've now been owned (pwned) by a cat.


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