A Rough Week

We've got Jane drama. She's in a rehabilitation center to learn to walk again, because she spends most of her waking hours in that stupid Jazzy chair. Yet another situation where her issues could be minor annoyances if she took care of herself.

I think the thing that frustrates me the most is that every issue she has is manageable. The diabetes? Diet and exercise could possibly bring her into the realm of 'diet controlled diabetic' (She has type 2-I know this is impossible with type 1). The hip problems? A long time ago, it was recommended that she get a Y membership and participate in an aquatic exercise program. The heart issues? Aerobic activity of slowly increasing duration.

The news of Alison's passing saddened me. A 14 year old's life gone in an instant.

Tonight, there was more bad news. I participated in an online group for several years that was very close knit. One of the women, Kim (or Kimmy, as she was known) had the gift for making people laugh. I cannot think of a single post of hers that didn't make me smile, or giggle.

Even when we went through two deaths in short succession here, Kimmy had kind words and a way of putting things in perspective. A woman of faith, she found a way to give comfort that really helped.

A few years ago, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. A fighter to the core, she was going to beat this thing. She did, and last year, took a trip to WDW with her husband and son. They met up with other friends from the group and celebrated her defeat of cancer.

Unfortunately, it came back. She fought hard, but last night, Kimmy lost the battle with the beast. Two families are really hurting right now, but they know that what took their loved ones was something that these women couldn't beat.


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