It Sucks to Be Right

Jane is in the hospital. Again.

This time she's done it up good, in that she has been told she is not welcome back to the Assisted Living facility she's been living in for the past seven months. Ed was called this morning and told he needed to retrieve that cat.

I had a very brief voice mail on my phone Saturday. "Miss Jane went to the hospital again." The CNA sounded resigned, the message didn't hint at what was going on. Apparently, she'd let her insulin pump run out THREE days earlier-her blood sugar was over 600 when they noticed she was having problems Saturday morning.

Yes, over 600. The glucose meter tops out at +600, so who knows how bad it really was.

We went over to the hospital, where we found an incoherent and shaky Jane. She's been shaking for months, a Parkinson's like constant shudder. I asked (yet again) if she'd seen a neurologist about it, and the nurse said 'we have one on consult to come in and see her.' Yet again, she's got an issue, she's complained about it for months, but she didn't bother to take the initiative to get answers for what is causing it or what might cure it.

Her blood sugar is still well into the 200's.

A couple of months ago, she decided that it was a lovely day and she wanted to 'walk' (ride her jazzy) around the local lake. Never mind that we were having record breaking temperatures for July. Didn't bother with sunscreen, a hat or hydration, either. She wound up with heat stroke and a hospital stay. The ALF put her on notice that she'd be out if there was another hospital stay.

At the time, I offered to take her around to look at skilled care facilities 'just in case' she might need their services. She refused, saying the social worker smoothed things over and she'd be fine.

She's not. She's out.

So, in the next few days, we need to find a skilled care facility and figure out what she's keeping of the stuff in the apartment, because most of it cannot go into a room in a nursing home.

The fun never ends.

At least the cat seems to be settling in to his new digs-with two allergic people.



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