Some Hipstamatic Shots (+1)

A friend traveled cross country to run in tonight's Wine and Dine half marathon, an event that coincides with the Epcot Food and Wine Festival. One of the attraction to this festival is all the wine seminars, and the friend booked one for a favorite Washington state winery-without checking the date.

It was for this afternoon, and the race was tonight. She didn't want to do both on the same day, so she sent me an email as soon as she noticed the error, "would you like a pair of tickets to a seminar for Chateau Ste. Michelle?" Heck, yeah was my response-I love the information given in the seminars.

So, I contacted a couple of friends and found that Jill could join me for the afternoon. This meant we were going to check out the World Showcase afterward, as it's the first weekend of this annual event.

As I didn't have the Hipstamatic app for the iPhone the last time I was here, I took several shots today and I love the retro feel of them.

Sampling of the wines:
A lovely not-too-sweet Riesling, A nice, full bodied Merlot and a Cabernet Sauvignon that I didn't like nearly as much as the first two.

Morocco across the water, as we waited for snacks from Greece (Baklava for Jill, Chicken Souvlaki for me.)

Pagoda. It's at this point that it might be noted that the crowd levels were high, due to all the events going on this weekend:

Norway's Stave Church. I love the architecture and the lines of this building:

And the plus one is the Tronorail. We are looking forward to the movie release in December, and it was my first time over to the parks in months, so I'm glad they decided to put this on the Epcot beam today:

If you are headed to this year's Food and Wine Festival, there are some great new booths, and several familiar ones have changed up the menus. I'm trying to figure out how I can get in another visit or three before the month is out.


meghan said…
I love those pictures. That app for the phone is really cool :)

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