Maybe It's Sinking In?

Two weeks ago today, Ed was given the ultimatum by Jane's Assisted Living Facility. When she was informed that she was not welcomed back while in the hospital, she didn't believe us. Granted, she was more confused than she usually is-her blood sugar was still well over 200.

Last week, I spoke to the Director and D confirmed that no, Jane was NOT welcomed back, because she has never been compliant with medications. Even after they took over administering everything but her insulin, she couldn't get it through her head that dosing her insulin and eating foods appropriate for a diabetic, she still didn't do it.

Jane didn't believe me, stating that D said "We'd love to have you come back, BUT you're not compliant with any of your treatments and we don't see that changing." She heard the first part, and ignored the rest. It's been that way all her life when it comes to her health-ignore the hardball and reality.

Today, she called the ALF, and while D wasn't there, B was-and said informed Jane she didn't know, that D did and would answer that question on Thursday. She called another family member (who left me a message) "Maybe I can't go back there."

We'll take whatever progress we can get at this point.


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