Before and After

Last year, we gave out candy at Mom and Jane's. Our cul de sac was much less traveled than their block, so it made sense. Besides, they were prone to giving out the crappy candy that kids hate-we prefer to give out chocolate and the stuff kids want.

So, I sat over here with a cooler full of candy and succeeded in giving nearly all of it out. With that in mind, I bought candy. Then I bought more candy, because 1. the menfolk were taste testing it and 2. Ed's mindset is we need to give out at least 3 pieces per person.

Ultimately, the tub o' loot had this prior to anyone showing up today:

At the end of the night, this is what we had:

Ten trick or treaters. TEN. Chef sat out in the driveway, ready to hand out treats, for about a half hour and had not one taker. As soon as he came inside, three kids showed up.

After it got dark, two other groups showed up and I gave five pieces to each kid. Heck, I could have given each ten pieces and still would not have made a dent in this bucket.

Which proves the point that it is good to buy the candy in your favorite varieties...


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