Window Shopping and Some Laughs with Chef

This evening, we decided to take advantage of all of us having the day off and went over to the Florida Mall in Orlando. It's a large mall that has many retailers that aren't found in other local malls.

All four of us gravitated towards the Apple store and I seriously thing that Game Teen is expecting us to buy a 27" iMac for him, because every time we go into that store, that's where you'll find him. This time, Chef was playing with an iPhone. Sorry, kiddo, no iPhone for you. Still, we had fun looking around.

The kids noticed their was an M&M's store and asked to go. They'd been in there before, but it was about three years ago. This is where we got a good laugh.

They have this 'find your M&M' selector. You stand on a circle, while the machine 'scans' you and tells you the appropriate color. Game Teen got Almond, Ed was told he needed the color burst and Chef got Silver "you have a secret desire to be a mime."

A MIME? Chef? The rambunctious, attention seeker?

I take my turn and I'm told that I should get some maroon, because "You have a trustworthy smile-and some chocolate at the corners of your mouth." Chef is still annoyed that he was supposed to be a mime. It is suggested he try the selector again.

Whereupon, he's told once again that he should get silver, because he has a secret desire to be a mime."

He was complaining all through the mall at the thought of a career where he would have to be quiet!


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