Suzanne's Notetaking Service

One constant about school is this: I don't skip classes. I think I've missed two days of classes in the past 18 months, both when I was pretty out of it. Heck, I planned surgery for the day after a final so that I'd have four weeks to recover.

One of the side effects of being there all the time is that when someone misses class, they ask you for notes. On my home campus, in my major, we all have come to know each other and look out for each other. Someone misses class, I'll get an email asking if I'd kindly pass on notes. They like my color-coded notes, typed rapid fire during the lectures.

On the Tampa campus, where the classes are huge in comparison, that doesn't happen as often. Or rather, it didn't. Last semester, by the end of that Motivation class, I had a couple of classmates who would ask and one who shared for the one class I missed. (She later told me she liked my coding technique of green for professor's comments and red for expressly stated as being on the exam that she adopted it for her own notes.)

I thought this semester would be pretty quiet on that front. I've made a few friends in the bigger class (one who is in both) and no one seemed to pay attention to my rapid fire typing except the guy behind me who dropped the class last week. Then, today, a classmate asked my professor if there was some way to get the information from last Monday's lecture and Dr. H said "Suzanne's the person for notes." The girl came up and asked nicely and by the time she got back to her seat, she had an email.

After class, another classmate came up and showed me her net book. "I'm having problems with this thing when I take notes, and I was told you're the person who knows what they're doing." She had some sort of technical glitch with downloading the basic lecture notes we all use during class, and I said I'd send her mine.

In talking to her, I realized that she'd talked to Dr. H because she didn't get a grade on an assignment. She'd sent it, but it didn't make it to the in box. So, I offered some pointers (look in your sent box, then forward that one to show you turned it in prior to the deadline) and helped her to get it sent out.

It's good to be known that if its notes you want, it's notes I've got.

On both campuses, even.


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