Things You Don't Say to Those Stuck With Your Mess Again

"So, did you get my place all packed yet?'

Yeah. She said that.

Let me see, I had two exams, a CLEP exam, a sonogram of my leg, shopping to get her halloween costume, kid stuff and studying since she decided Wednesday that she would even be moving into this particular assisted living. And next week? Two projects and an exam.

Oh, and the pinched nerve/Chiari thing has been bad for the past month, but it's hitting a fever pitch. Lovely.

I ended up spending almost four hours there today and will probably spend a few hours tomorrow. Ed and I have to get her bed moved at minimum, since the rehabilitation is discharging her tomorrow.

The movers come Tuesday to take the furniture, but the rest of it is on me and Ed.

Little does she realize is that there's a 'come to Jesus' speech coming this Thursday. The one where I say "this is it, I am DONE. If you get kicked out of this place, you will handle all the moving YOURSELF."

Hell, in the past month, she's said that we never do anything for her and the other day, she said she can only rely on Ed.

Might as well fulfill all she says about me...


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