Contents: One Phone

The setting: The bathroom at a rehabilitation facility

The player: The sister in law, who partially listens to instructions. Insulin injections are not important, but one person saying 'keep your phone with you at ALL times' means she brings it into the bathroom with her because that's important. Even when there are pull cords that signal the nurse's stations every five feet.

The result: one waterlogged phone.

The insult to injury: She tried to charge it after soaking it. (Do you plug in a toaster after you drop it into the tub? A blow dryer? A coffee maker?)

The part where it's hard not to laugh in her face: "Do you think you can take it to the AT&T store and see if it's covered under a warranty? Maybe they'll replace it for me?"

Yes, I know it's probably a lost cause, but I'm giving it a try. I explained that dropping my phone (when I went to pick up crap for her) cost me two hundred bucks. You are all welcome to laugh as much as you want.


Saffa Chick said…
Hi Suzanne

Been a while since I caught up with your blog - gosh you are going through some bad family BS! I admire your staying power.

Hang in there.
Saffa x

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