What's For Dinner Sunday Wednesday

Tonight's dinner was requested by Game Teen (pork BBQ sandwiches) and Ed (homemade macs and cheese), so they won't be featured today.

On Sunday, I made something that was calling out to us, and when I took pictures, Ed suggested that they be saved for Wednesday's post. It made sense, especially since WFDW will probably be early meals or done on other nights during the semester, since I will have class.

A few months ago, our local supermarket had a really good deal on claw crab meat, so I grabbed a can, with visions of crab cakes. Then, just before New Year's, I mentioned making crab dip to ring in 2010. Alas, we were so stuffed from that evening's fondue, we decided to hold off from that dish.

The realization struck that perhaps I should split this can of crab. When I mentioned Crab Alfredo to the men folk, they were all for it, so long as I made some dip, too. Okay with me.

So, the double duo: Crab Alredo with crostinis spread with Crab Dip.

There were no leftovers and already, I've got a kid bugging me for more.

Guess I'd better keep an eye out for more sale crab meat!


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