Fun With Facebook

Lately, there's been interesting things afoot on Facebook.

First, a message. "Help raise awareness for breast cancer research. Put your bra color in your status. Nothing else, just your color. Let's have some fun." I was game, so I put my color up (not boring, lol) and many of my friends did it, too. The funny part was when guys put up "Blue", "Navy" and "Turquoise." Interesting that they didn't know what was going on, but the ones who did it all chose shades of blue.

Then it was retro week. Put up a picture of you when you were younger. I actually had one in my facebook photos because my sister Giggles scanned a picture of me from a vacation when I was eleven. It was comical, because I'm holding a cotton candy that was bigger than my head.

It was cool to see all the pictures, to see what friends looked like as kids, how some people look like they did at ten and others look nothing like they did as a toddler. Not everybody participated, but enough to make it fun.

Tonight, I got another request:
Ok everybody! Retro week is over! Starting now, post a picture of someone fictional that you think best represents your personality. Be creative. Copy and paste this so we can all play along.

Immediately, I think of Mary Poppins and Belle from Beauty and the Beast. Ed, on the other hand, immediately says "Oh, that is SO easy!" Meanwhile, I thought he was going with the Mary Poppins, but he came up with this person instead:

She's a braniac. It fits.

So, who are YOU putting in your profile this week?


LOL, go take a look at mine and tell me what you think!

Kate Hepburn's character in African queen always fascinated me.

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