Siamese Twin Cookies, Doctor

We have to operate!

As soon as I saw them, I was reminded of Steven Bank's Home Entertainment Center. He sliced his cookies in half, then states "The twins are alive! God bless you, doctor."

Before I knew I'd be sidelined by a second surgery, we bought all the stuff to make cookies and peppermint bark for the holidays. Chef even asked to make a mock apple pie, so we got a box of Ritz crackers. Alas, the holidays came and went without giving the Kitchen Aid a workout.

Since it is so cold in Florida right now (we didn't see the snow, but there was some nearby), Ed suggested baking some goodies tonight, in an effort to warm up the house. His wish was granted by making homemade pizza, then chocolate peanut butter chip and chocolate chip cookies.

It's a nice side benefit from trying to keep things a little warmer around here.


ligirl said…
Thank you so much for the Steven Banks reference. Great memories. Wish I could find that on DVD...I know, I's in pieces on You Tube! (not the same, though... :-(

You answered my question about the snow...thought you may have had some there! Wish we had gotten some...just a dusting...I would just have loved to have seen Comet frolic in it!

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