Suzanne's Soundtrack Sunday

It's always cool when a favorite artist teaches you a word or five in a foreign language within a good song.

This came to mind the other day in my Spanish class, as we were learning about the different subjectivos
en espanol. (gotta figure out how to get that tilde on there) We learned about historia, anthropologia and psicologia and my mind went to a wonderful gem of a song from Julia Fordham, "Genius".

In the song, she talks about having to be a genius to work out the relationship issues she is having as she sings the song to her partner. This bossa nova inspired song then shifts to Portuguese, though I thought it might be Spanish. Alas, I tried to find a decent video on You Tube to share it, but the one good video only performs the song in English, but I did find Genius at

One that came out while I was taking French in middle school was this gem from Billy Joel. I remember singing it while walking into class and my teacher got annoyed with me that I paid more attention to learning the French in a song than the verbs in class!

Then there are the songs with languages that are hard to understand, much less sing along. I can think of about a dozen Basia songs that feature her native Polish, but the fast pace of most of those songs makes it difficult. I end up humming along.

Yes, the years of studying choral music means I do have a smattering of understanding of Italian, German, and French. Strangely, in the time that I was in the choir, we never did a song in Spanish.

I need to find some, because they tend to help us remember those lessons, like Schoolhouse Rock did. Besides 'Eres Tu', any suggestions?


ligirl said…
"Should I stay or should I go" by the Clash! (Indecision me molesta!)
Altec said…
To make a tilde, you need to use the alt codes in Windows For example, to make the tilde for espaƱol, you hold down the alt key while you type 0241 on the numeric keypad. All of the codes you need are in the following link:
Suzanne said…
Thank you, Altec! I have hot buttons in Word, but had no idea what the alt codes are. :)

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