Second Verse, Same as the First

Or, second trip to WDW in a week and I'll visit the same park again!

The next couple of months, it seems like a lot of friends are making tracks for the Mouse's house. My former boss, Joyce and Tim, a blogging friend, a few YaYa sistahs and more. Today, I went over to meet my friends Liz and Greg.

It was great to see them and make our way around the park. What I liked the best was that because they're coming down again in a few months, we enjoyed a relaxed pace today. They suggested doing one of their favorite activities, which I'd never seen before.

Over the years, I'd heard about Miyuki, the artisan who crafts beautiful animals out of taffy at the Japan pavillion, but I'd never taken the time to watch her in action. It's one of Greg's favorites, so we hung around waiting for her next show time.

It was impressive, and something I need to bring the boys to see. In a couple of minutes, talking the whole time, Miyuki takes a ball of hot candy and turns it into a beautiful work of art. Yes, it's edible, but it seems a shame to bite into such beauty.

It just goes to show that you can visit your favorite place dozens of times and still find new things to do.

Thanks for the great day, Liz and Greg!


Grandy said…
I'm so ready for a field trip to YOUR happiest place on earth. I've done mine already.

Altec said…
I read your story about your second trip to WDW and I thought the following alt code would come in handy for you:

Alt 167, O, Alt 167

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