I Hate Vista Redux

Once upon a time, I was well versed in all the wonderful things that you could do with Excel and Word. Creating forms for work? No problem. Making professional looking flyers? Sure thing.

Then I bought a laptop with Vista and Office 2007. All the wonderfulness that is Windows XP and Office 2003 was left behind. I think I have griped before about how much I loathe Vista. Today, it is time to bash Office.

I'm making frequency graphs and histograms for one of my classes. Once I input field data, if I insert a label, Office removes the data! Oy. I've been playing with this stuff for two hours. It is extremely frustrating, but I need to figure this all out-as four classes will utilize these representations all semester long. Too bad the search feature doesn't bring up hyperlinks that jump to the needed function, as in 2003.

I'll get this all figured out-just in time for something else to come along!


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