My Day Has Been Farkled

If you're on Facebook, odds are you know exactly what I just said. If not, it's a dice game that is a rather addicting. The goal of the game is to get various trios of the dice with ones or fives and other combinations that remind you of poker-except they don't.

You get six dice, and if a roll has neither a one, a five or a trio of any of the numbers, you 'Farkle' and lose the points from that round. It's a battle to go ten rounds without farkling too much while racking up as many points as possible.

My day went fairly well on the study front for the most part. One one study break, I even played a round and got the awesomest round of Farkle ever:
Look at round three. That was my highest round EVER. Then I Farkled two of my last three rounds and ended up with a so-so 9100.

The day went in similar fashion. I'd been dealing with a headache for most of the afternoon of the Chiari type. Then when I went to start on dinner (Alton's rice pilaf and filets that were found on sale), all of a sudden, my body Farkled me bad. The headache went from manageable to impossible, nausea took over and well, I was feeling awful.

When Ed walked in the door from work, one look at me and he was asking "What's wrong?" and "Do I need to call 911?" No, I just need to get this stuff under control when medicine won't do it. A trip on the porcelain bus, and a nap and now it's 11:40 and I've wasted a whole evening.



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