A Bad Day at Epcot is Better Than

...just about anything.

But I didn't have a bad day at Epcot, I had a good one. Some pictures and few notes today. My apologies to those of you following along on Facebook today, some of these are duplicates.

(If it doesn't take a dog's age to upload video, there might be some Soarin' video tomorrow, too).
The morning started with rain. A LOT of rain. I almost canned the planned visit, but I thought that even with the rain, I'd have a good day.

The reason Disney hates people like me. This is the only thing I purchased in the whole time I was in the park. Have Vitamin Water, will travel.

The first ride I went on. In the line, I recognized someone from a message board and thanks to using the scooter, I experienced the standby line for the first time. With the walker, I end up in the alternate queue. Sitting in the scooter is better in some respects-I'll take the wait.

Looking for Spanish wherever I can for my class. It was funny, I heard a couple talk to each other on Soarin ("Nos Vemos de San Fransisco") and I realized the guy said that he'd see the woman in San Fran. Cool.

Mission Space has your choice of experience:Orange for Intense and Green for non spinning. I love the Orange, but thought better of it, what with the chiari and the leg. Less intense still is an enjoyable ride.

Waiting for the Canada movie to start.

The Rose and Crown, the British themed restaurant.

What will you celebrate today? Do I have to celebrate something? Will you give me cake?

Koi in Japan

Then, minutes later, I met some Redcoats in America.

Gondolas at the Italy Isola.

The park was lightly attended today, but half of those there were Brazilian tour groups.

Germany, from across the water.

Interesting architectural details in China

A trio from Morocco.


The little details throughout this country's pavillion are incredible. I love looking each time I visit.

Germany, up close and in miniature.

The Stave Church in Norway. This actually is the first place that I had a minor issue. Someone playing stupid and ignoring my "Excuse me" "Perdon" and "Excusez Moi" that got louder and more snarky as the guy played dumb. Think it would have been justifiable if I'd run over his foot after saying it three times in each language?
Spaceship Earth.
If all goes well, I'll be back on Disney property on Monday to meet up with my friend Liz. Apparently, United really screwed up her reservation, so she's not sure if she will be flying to Orlando tomorrow. Boo.


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