Leaving it to The Last Minute

Back in July, I got a free ticket to Walt Disney World for my birthday. Well, sort of.

The thing was, when I showed up at one of their parks, fifteen minutes before it closed, it was POURING out. I went to actually claim one of the other things that they'd advertised, the $75.00 gift card-but I had to have a ticket or pass to get that gift.

Sooo, there I was, I could have a ticket and it was not optimal park touring weather. I asked the cast member what my options were. She suggested that I take my free ticket and convert it into a three day play pass for a nominal fee. So I did.

Of course, I felt guilty that I had a ticket and the men did not-so I haven't used the thing. It expires on the 26th, and I still have three days. However, I do have friends vacationing at the Happiest Place on Earth, and I will see them on Monday-that's one of the days.

Tomorrow, while the boys are in school, I'm taking a scooter and touring a park. I've ruled out Hollywood Studios, because the post surgery situation prevents me from enjoying my favorites. Then, factor in what Maureen told me about Toy Story Mania, and that ride definitely puts me in the 'do not fly' category, possibly permanently. Thanks, Chiari malformation.

Tomorrow is a bonus day. Sometimes, leaving it to the last minute isn't such a bad thing.


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