Now I've Got a Reason To Visit the Mall

It has been mentioned several times in the past, that I didn't drink coffee for many years. That changed when one of my employees handed me a Santa's White Christmas freezer about seven years ago.

When the time came to move to Florida, the owner of the Barnie's next to my store in Virginia told me I'd be really happy, because the company was founded here. Yay, I would still get my favorites.

Then Starbucks came along. They bought out all the Barnie's corporate storefronts in an effort to get into more malls. The company went mail order. Some flavors could be found at a few local supermarket chains, but you couldn't get a fresh cup of joe unless you had one of their franchises nearby.

We didn't.

The only way I was getting a Barnie's fix was to visit Donna, since the mall right by her house had a franchise location. If I understand it correctly, the deal involved a non-compete clause for two or three years. It must have been something like that, because Barnie's started popping up storefronts again. None nearby, though. We had to head to Orlando to pick up a pound of beans of any favorite flavor that wasn't stocked by Publix or Sweetbay.

Until recently.

I don't have much need for visiting the local mall, so it was a surprise when Ed texted me a picture the other day. (He'd taken Chef to spend Christmas money he'd been given by Jane). Suddenly, I had the urge to visit the mall. Now that the doctor put the driving ban back up temporarily, I asked Ed if we could go window shop while he was available to drive. He saw right through me, because the instant comment was "You want Barnie's, don't you?" Guilty as charged.

I got a cup of the flavor of the day (Secret Dreams), Ed got a latte and the boys split the Freezer that started it all. Meanwhile, I am excited that we can get whole bean yumminess like this again:

That's just a small sampling of the flavors. Even better, there's a large variety of decaf flavors to put in our My K cup for evening coffee consumption.

I guess I won't beg off if anyone asks to go to the mall anymore!


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