Thursday Tidbits

It was a long academic day, but at the end of it, I am weary and in pain-but the mind is swimming from the scholarly pursuits. So, little bits of this and that are the order for the day.

*While waiting for my 8am class to start this morning, I was chatting with a classmate and we agreed that the professor is definitely the type that you want for an 8am class. It was mentioned that Game Teen gets on the bus at 6:00, then I head over to Tampa from Lakeland. Then I was paid a compliment, that he should have figured me for a Poly student by the kind of questions I ask in class.

*I realized something today. For the drive between campuses, I dug out my Spanish for Gringoes CDs, but inspiration struck. The spanish textbook publisher has a website that we utilize for listening exercises. If I access that with my phone and plug it in to the car stereo. While those CDs are good, it's much better to practice the exact materials during the drive!

*There aren't a lot of food options close to campus (We're not going to go into the cafeteria on campus. Trust me on this.) Nearby, I'd passed a place that has a sign that says "Warning, our burgers are habit forming!" and the parking lot is always packed.

Today, I decided to see if the believed in truth in advertising. That lot was packed, the burgers were bargain priced, and indeed, I probably will develop a Thursday afternoon patty melt craving! When nearly everyone who was served was greeted by first name, I suspect that people are addicted.

*This semester, a class requires group work, but it might change my opinion somewhat. At least everyone contributes in this one.

*The 75 minute class is rough on the leg, the 2 hour one is worse and if I've spent the day in between classes in the computer lab, by the time I get to my last class, the leg was screaming in agony. At one month post op, I think it's time to visit with the neurologist to assess the degree of damage this last surgery caused.

*I think I hear my pillow...


Mike Golch said…
Just dropped in to say Hi,sorry that i have not been commenting as i should be.
Sam said…
Hi, Suzanne, what a fun and interesting blog. Need to read further to see what's up with your leg. The word patty melt is what brought me here. I do sandwiches at Nothing serious, just fun between two slices of bread. More later, you new follower, Keri (a.k.a. Sam)

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