We now have both report cards. Younger son got citizenship and honor roll. Older son is honor roll, but somehow, the #!$$ teacher he had didn't put it on there. Supposedly, the honor roll is based *solely* on academics. If that's the case, he is definitely honor roll. I let them each get a book as a reward.

Had the inlaws over for dinner. Hope this is the start of a regular thing-never cooked for them before, because we never lived close to each other. The house still smells like eggplant frying. Yum.

I bought tomatos for salad and mom and Ed don't like them in salad. Soooo, I think I'm headed back to the farm stand tomorrow for some cilantro and jalapenos. Homemade salsa, anyone? I made a big batch when I was staying at mom's last year. Stepdad had some right after I made it and complained that it wasn't hot. 24 hours later, it packed a wallop!


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