So, the story is...

Mr Messy Room was lectured by daddy the other night about the state of his room and was told he'd be cleaning it as soon as he got home yesterday. Then, Mr Messy Room decided to be cute with me and tell me to clean up (btw, mostly his and his brother's mess and some mail). That did NOT go over well with either parent.

Champagne and a cappuccino as part of breakfast this morning, woohoo. The mall announced the big renovation and expansion project, but only announced one retailer they were adding. Scuttlebutt is for Williams Sonoma and Restoration Hardware to venture to our neck of the woods. Very dangerous (and yes, feel free to send me gift cards for either place, lol!)

Half day in the morning to return the good deed to the manager who helped me out on Sunday.

Tried someplace we hadn't been before for dinner tonight. Seafood place that was excellent. Ed was shocked that I wasn't in a rush to eat the fried shrimp, but the shrimp pasta was soooooo good. Basically a wine, garlic and cream sauce over linguini. It was so much of a hit that Crustacean kid (small child) ate more pasta than shrimp. He'd eat a jar of garlic if you'd let him. At least I know I'm having a good lunch tomorrow!


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