When we moved down here, Ed and I decided that we would explore the restaurant scene. We've made an effort to go to places other than the usual chain restaurants. (We go to those, but we're seeking other places). We were very spoiled in Frederick, that town had some great restaurants (and diners).

Slowly, we're finding places on a par with what we had there, although I doubt we'll find another Barley and Hops. Last night's discovery was Mexican (yes, I know Jill, you won't be joining us!). There's this mom and pop joint called Estela's. Driven by it countless times, always meaning to go. We finally pulled into the parking lot.

Good stuff. Family run, and the dining room reminded us of one of the places in Frederick. The menu was huge. The boys settled on cheeseburgers (wimps) and Ed and I got more traditional fare. I'd suggested an Enchilada to younger son, which he turned down. Why should he eat his own, when Mom's already got one on her plate for him to eat?

Yummy chile rellenos and enchilada and Ed liked the Chimis. We WILL go back. And to think, I was thinking it was 'Fajita night', which is Wednesday's at Codys! :)


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