Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid.

Disney is set to take over Pixar and have it become a wholly owned subsidiary.

For the past twelve years, the cutting edge has been Pixar's films. Fresh story telling, pushing the envelope of what could be done with computer animation. These are the guys who'd be in a meeting and say "You can't do water with CGI" and then they'd push themselves to figure it out.

Disney Feature Animation (DFA) for years has done EXACTLY would Walt wouldn't do. A famous quote attributed to him was "You don't follow pigs with pigs", when questioned about when the sequel to Snow White would be forthcoming. Under the leadership of Tom Schumacher, DFA began the parade of "2" movies, some so atrociously bad they aren't in my DVD library. Pocahontas 2, Cinderella 2, Tarzan and Jane, etc. I thought that when Tom Schumacher went to head the Disney Broadway division (perfect for a guy who likes to follow pigs with pigs) that the movies would improve. Still waiting.

I don't want to see that same fate for Pixar.


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