Ahhh, a break!

I'm in the midst of three days in a row off, a rarity in retail.

Yesterday was great. Perfect weather that makes anyone dream of living in Florida when they are experiencing the cold and snow. 80 degrees and high, wispy clouds.

We were on a mission-to meet friends at WDW. This time, the day didn't get curtailed by a phone call, yeah! We parked at Epcot, then monorailed over to the Magic Kingdom. (2 monorails-it's like the "change at Jamaica" of the LIRR). We met up at Scoop's 1 o'clock pin talk, an event that's always enjoyable. Scoop is a funny fellow.

Then we headed back to Epcot. Heather had an adorable young lady travelling with her this time, and my little man was quite enamoured of her (and she of him). It was rather cute (and annoying because he wouldn't listen to me). We've got some cute pictures of them together.

We went on Soarin, Universe of Energy and Impressions De France. little man and I had Kaki Gori and Ed and older son had pastries from France. In the many visits to Epcot, I never hit the times right to see Belle and Beast-finally did it!

It was time for dinner and we went to Artist Point at Wilderness Lodge-delicious. The day went by in a flash, and I wished we had more days off to spend. If I have the time over the summer, perhaps a trip to Maryland for a few days might be in order. When I'd moved to Maryland, it took a long time to have more than one good friend, but I left several behind and miss them!

Even though it's a day off, it doesn't mean there's nothing to do. We have a car to get repaired (not mine) and a couple of rooms to swap. The room I always thought would be youngest's bedroom is currently the office. The room that is currently his room is wired better for an office (cable and phone jacks). Later on, the swap takes place!


Anonymous said…
I miss you, Ed and the kids too Soooz. :) Hopefully I'll be making down your way his summer as well!

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