Laptop is still here, but headed out tomorrow. FedEx came to pick it up yesterday, and of course, this was at work when it was at home!

Suppose I should get off my butt and redo the taxes on this machine.

Cranky today. My shot at a nap was foiled by the doctor's office that didn't take their phones off of answering service until an hour after they were to take calls. It took another 25 minutes to get a real live person.

Shout out to Liz-she's free from the insane boss who thinks that selling should be a piece of cake because "she knows what the item looks like, and the person she's calling doesn't". Yeah, that might work for a handbag, but not a security access system! Hey, this just frees you up to move to Florida and buy the house across the street. It's only 237k!


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