A for speed, grade for accuracy TBD

I give HP points. The hard drive was sitting on my doorstep early this afternoon.

I had errands to run, dinner to make, relatives to visit with, so I didn't sit down to change hard drives until 11pm. I take the hard drive door off the hp, take the drive out of the brackets (yes, you can tell it's toasted by looking at it) and put the new one in. Fire it up and get the same error message.

Hmmm, I'd checked the jumpers. I take it back out, and out of the brackets. I do a side by side of the drives and notice the old one is a hair taller. It's got a pin connector extension. Fortunately, it appears that I can just take it off the old and put it on the new. Puzzled that the new one didn't come that way, but whatever. Double checked the jumpers-yep, in the right place.

I thought it was going well, as the drive door seemed to be a snug fit this time. Alas, whenI fired her up, same old PXE-E61. F10, here we come.

Passed the short HDD self test, into the long self test. I don't think I can wait up that long, though.

Next question: Did they even load the software that originally comes with my laptop ON the drive? The static bag was open, which makes me think maybe. I'm not so confident.

I also thought I had a 40 gig drive, they sent a 60. Need to go back and look at the paperwork.

I'm not into Indian Tech Support Torture right now, so the answer to this mystery has to wait until morning. I know one thing, five minutes into the long test and the drive is pretty warm-too warm for my liking.


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