Lazy day

I am so not motivated today. Yesterday, I drove up to Jacksonville and back. 400 miles round trip! It was worth it, got to spend time with Donna and be her personal "Clean Sweep". Now I need to do the same here, and I've been vegging.

Not completely. I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow, and I've taken an idea of Jane's and made a complete medical history for the doctor. She has one saved on her pc that she prints out. Especially good now that she'll be seeing new doctors. It makes a lot of sense when you've got chronic issues. That said, it's pretty friggin scary to see how much has happened to me in 39-some years! I'd type in something and realize that I forgot something else. Two hours and three pages later, it's done.

I'm going to let the kids enjoy a little more time at day care (what a concept, they ENJOY day care) and go grab some dinner stuff. Tonight I'll probably do the cleaning I should have done today, like take down the Christmas tree and lights. Hmmmm, fajita night a Cody's is calling me-maybe I'll continue to be lazy through dinner. :)


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