Phone=bad, Tech Live Chat=good

Went back to working on the laptop this morning. Same problems, so I went back to the HP site to find more info.

I found a link for live chat that I hadn't found before. For notebook pcs, it's available 24/7. I have to say, it was MUCH easier typing out my issue, what troubleshooting I'd already done and what error messages I was getting. Marcie NEVER even mentioned an extended service plan!

The lesson for today is to look for tech chat before calling that 800 number, for a 90 minute passage to India.

The good news is that the chat session took about five minutes. The bad news is that the laptop has to be sent in for service. I'll have to go find the box for the laptop later today, but they are picking it up via FexEx. I should have it back in a week.

Guess I should get cracking on the taxes on Ed's computer. They were ready and waiting for one document that came yesterday.


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