Saturday, January 14, 2006


So, I've got this funky looking rash on my leg. It's been growing there for about two years now. Vascular surgeon sent me to a dermatologist for it a few months back and I got some steroidal cream for it. It's still getting bigger. The name that the dermatologist had for it was cutaneous vasculitis. No big, as long as it's getting treated. I was given the impression that it sometimes happens with vascular patients (the old "2% girl" strikes again).

So, today, I'm on the DIS and someone asks if anyone else has this disorder. Yep, I reply. Someone else says that it can be a symptom of Lupus. This is weird, it's not the first time that Lupus has been thrown out at me. When I was pregnant with younger son, I was tested and my ANA screen came out very high-we figured it was my arthritis and didn't do anything else at the time. Arthritis and clotting disorders are two of the symptoms of lupus.

I'm curious, so I go to the Lupus Foundations website. Diagnosis is if a patient has four or more of the symptoms. I have 4, possibly 5. Next stop, rheumatologist to rule it out. I've always wondered why I have quirky problems, and this would be an explanation. Not a good one, but at least I'd know what to DO about the various problems. Kinda like the situation with older son, having a name for it made it a lot easier to seek out treatment.

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jas said...

Have you been checked out for Fibromyalgia??

Lots of these strange things going on could tie in with that.

BTW Brilliant blog, sounds just like my crazy life!