You Know You're a Regular When

You walk into a restaurant, sit down, and the server comes up and says the exact order you usually get.

Five times at Bosphorous in a year and that's what happened tonight. Of course, it was just Ed and me and we'd decided we were ordering different things this time!

So, Ed had a lamb saute that was wonderful, and I had lamb kebabs. They brought us extra bulgur because they had been out the last time we were there. As much as we love the mixed grill, the lamb was so wonderfully seasoned and tender.

We were so stuffed that we brought the baklava home. Seriously, theirs is so amazing that I wasn't passing it up. I probably won't have room to eat it until tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, Ed has designs on all the leftovers. When it tastes better than these pictures look, could you blame him?


That looks delicious!
Suzanne said…
I was on a quest last night, and I think I found a recipe for the bulgur they do. It's pretty close, based on the flavor profile.

Best part, it's vegan, so I can make that for the next teacher meal at GameTeen's school.

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