Biff Burger, St. Pete

Over in St. Pete, there is the last of a burger chain, Biff Burger. Next to it, Buffy's BBQ opened up and eventually, the space between the two became an open air bar, with televisions and large wooden tables. Every once in a while, the craving hits, and we take a drive.

This location opened in the 50's and still sports the original sign out at 49th Street.

We don't go for the atmosphere, though, we're all about the food. Specifically, their wings are the best around. They're not Buffalo wings, rather, they're breaded and fried and lightly tossed in hot sauce. They are so good, they make me want to drive the 60 miles across I-4 to have some. Seriously, these are the best around. (and I think I ticked off my sister, because I tagged her when I posted this picture on FB-she's 1,300 miles away and can't get them. Ha ha!)

After an appetizer of the wings, we all ordered burgers. Biff's offers 1/4 and 1/2 burgers, and all the specialty varieties are of the half pound variety.

Chef had this concoction, a chili burger with a grilled hot dog. Definitely not for the faint of heart!

I got a tex mex burger, which had green chiles, pepper jack cheese, and came with sour cream on the side. The burger didn't need it, so I happily dipped my fries in it.

Half of that burger came home with me for lunch the next day.

Ed got a Chili Burger, which really was chili on a bun with cheese. We had Chef's best friend with us and he had a bacon cheeseburger. GameTeen went for the garden variety burger.

All burgers had a good char on them and are served medium or well done. I was happy with mine coming out more done than I usually get, because the flavor was so good. The specialty burgers are served with your choice of tater tots, fries, or curly fries. The fries were crisp and had the faintest batter on them.

This is one of those places that if you're a fan of Guy Fieri's Diners, Drive Ins and Dives, you'd definitely see him profiling this place.

I had to promise Ed that I'd drive next time, because he wants to get some beer. It's hard to resist a good beer with a nice burger at a dive, isn't it?It's probably a good thing we're not local, because I think we'd be at Biff Burger all the time!
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