Father's Day

I had a few ideas for Ed's Father's Day present this year. He really wants a new iPad, but considering he got the one he has last Father's day, and well, I can't justify spending that much money to only add retina scan, that was off the list. (Plus, he wanted a 64gig. Not happening.)

He also wants a roll away tool case, but I think that we need to get this garage emptied out before I go that route for him. Other things on the list need a little more research before I spend the money on them.

Instead, I happened to be over in Tampa and made a stop at Total Wine and More after I ran my errand. It felt like the beer aisle was screaming "Hey, over here, we've got Ed's favorites!" Off I went, and inspiration struck.

There are another 12 Leinys and some more of the Abitas (which are really for me), but I think he'll enjoy the next month or two going to the fridge in the garage and being able to pick a favorite with his eyes closed!


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