Food Network Star, Season Eight

Yes, I'm watching it again this season. However, with the workload from TAing, my class, and the comp exam in two weeks, I decided not to do recaps this time around.

So far, it seems like they're picking off the people I don't like-except last week. I'm hoping Judson shows up somewhere else, like Cooking Channel. The judges seemed surprised that he hadn't shared the information about his huge weight loss and that it was too little, too late.

Meanwhile, I can understand that he wanted to put that part of his past behind him. No one wants to be known as the fat kid, and is ashamed of the teasing and ridicule-so it makes perfect sense that he'd avoid bringing it up.

Meanwhile, Nikki seems to be this year's Debbie. She's got that self-important smirk, but I don't feel a connection with that one and probably wouldn't watch a show she hosted. Last week, if not for the rest of her group kicking butt, she would have been in the cookoff challenge. Maybe this week?

Favorites? I love the retro chick, Ellen. She's absolutely adorkable. Justin is cool, Ippy brings such a mellow vibe to cooking, Ivan has such energy. Linky reminds me of a friend and former coworker. It's clear she has skills and a winning attitude, but I suspect she'll be gone soon. She's another I see ending up on Cooking Channel.

How about you? Are you watching? Who do you like? Who do you want to just go away?


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