Not So Little Debby

We have a stalled tropical storm overhead. It's not pleasant.

If there was some way to get this rain to relocate over those wild fires in Colorado, I'd send it in a heartbeat.

One thing I will say is this: the news station that embraces social media and uses it all the time is the one I will now turn to for most of the news. I was a WFLA girl, but the ABC affiliate was hosting a giveaway a couple of months ago (16 iPad 2's), so I started following all the air talent.

Denis Philips, the lead meteorologist, posts throughout the day, every day and has been doing so through this weather situation, in between hosting their web channel and a chat, too.

He has called tornadoes that touched down before the National Weather Service, by analyzing the doppler images during the broadcasts, checking the wind speeds and other activity in the area. It's impressive.

Those of you here in Florida, please stay safe.


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