Moving Up in Ranks

(I was going to do a What's For Dinner Wednesday, then I looked at the quantity of food posts in the past week and decided to skip it!)

I've always been somewhat tech savvy. Not an expert, not a pro, but I seemed to know enough to fix the basic issues. If I didn't, I knew where to seek things out to get things repaired. What this meant is that at various jobs, I'd be the go-to person.

It was funny at one job that my first call to the tech support people had the guy manning the phone asking me "are you new?" when I'd been there a year. Honestly, the biggest issues there were the paper jams the piece of crap Okidata tractor feed printer was prone to give me, especially since it sat on a shelf 7 feet off the floor and I had to climb like a monkey to get to it. That guy laughed when I told him there was nothing control alt delete can't fix, then responded that he understood why I hadn't called him. (I saved that employer hundreds of dollars by changing the timeclock ribbons because they were just like UPI teletype ribbons)

With one employer, we'd have Intranet issues on a fairly regular basis and hardware problems every once in a while. It was not uncommon for me to call with my problem and a list of the triage items I'd already done. (In fact, at one location, I labeled all the wires under the desk, so I could tell them ahead of time (the ethernet cable is fried) what I found. Then they'd do the diagnostics and agree.

Still, many of my friends are in computer industries, from network security, to programmers, to tech support, that I still feel like a newbie most days, but I realize that more and more, I don't sound like a poser anymore.

The CSS I created wasn't working, and I was able to figure it out (it wasn't calling my external page.) Instead of blindly looking at code, I was able to identify item after item.

A friend had a strange pop up come up on screen and I was able to walk through whether it was friend or foe and how she could suss out the difference.

I'm teaching in the fall and one of the bosses and I converse about the tech side of the house-and I hold up my end of the conversation without difficulty.

No, it's not much, but it feels pretty good that I'm moving steadily into an advanced realm of knowledge. Just in time for a doctoral program to knock me down a few pegs!


Where were you when I needed you? Spent several hours over the last 3 days on the phone with our IT people.

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