If you're holding a several continuing education seminars, two that are half day and a third that is an all day affair, would you list them as:

* Autism and Society 9-12 pm
* Technology and Autism 1-4pm
* Adaptations in Technology 9-12 and 1-4

or would you indicate that Adaptations in Technology is from 9-4, with a one hour break?

I felt bad when I friend and I walked in a few minutes before what we thought was an afternoon session, only to find it was the second half of a full day presentation. Thankfully, about 5 other people were of the same mindset, and trickled in after me and my friend!

Even better, the presenter was able to bring us up to speed on the information from the first half in about 20 minutes, because it did cover content we were familiar with. We did give feedback on the rating forms that our university loves so much that the flyers sent out gave the impression that this was two half-day presentations of the same content. Hopefully, they'll word them better next time!


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