Three Strikes

First plan for today: Head over to Walt Disney World. Only problem is, today began the seasonal blackout period, which is the type of pass Ed and the kids have. Actually, that was probably good-because Chef's best friend showed up about an hour after we would have left-and the boys haven't seen each other in a few months.

Next plan: Drive In. Silver Moon didn't have movies we wanted to see, so we headed over to Tampa to Fun Lan to see the Avengers. Alas, the screen it was playing on was too dark, the sound too wonky, and we were told these might be a problem. So we got passes for another night.

Plan Three: We were already over in that neck of the woods, so we went to play miniature golf. Seven holes in, the skies opened up. We have rain checks to go back.

At least we know what we'll be doing another night soon!


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