My 'Light' Summer Reading

You really thought you'd see Fifty Shades of Gray in there? Don't you know me by now?


Actually I am surprised to see physical books. They weren't available electronically?
Suzanne said…
Most of them are older books, so no electronic versions. I'm thinking they'll wind up on a shelf at work in the fall for my coworkers to reference.

I never thought I'd be a big fan of the e-versions of books, but it's so nice to have 20 books in the iPad.
JW said…
How come you didn't read 'fifty shades of Gray"? Very disappointed, lol.

Funny thing - on Amazon I read alot of reviews saying the grammar was awful and it read like a teenager yet it is selling millions. I thought about reading it myself. Maybe in time I will. Who knows..

Suzanne said…
If you didn't already know, Fifty Shades started as online 'Twilight' fan fiction. She just changed the names and released it as books.

I think that's a pretty good reason why it doesn't appeal-the fact that the writing is so bad seals the deal that I won't be reading them!

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