Es Posible Que

Yo soy comprender mas de español!

This semester has been one where I have not been diligent about my Spanish studies. There just hasn't been the time to practice, as I've carved out in the prior two semesters.

Fortunately, while this semester's class did introduce new vocab, new verb conjugations (futuro, pasado progressivo, pasado perfecto, etc.) and new grammatical ideas (mandatos), the work focused a lot more on la cultura españa y sudamerica.

Fortunately, this meant that while I haven't been writing or speaking cada dia, it does mean that what would have earned me a C or D in the past may squeak a B. I'm fine on culture, I'm learning a lot on that front. Another saving grace is being a grammar freak, so while I'm no expert by any means, I have made progress.

The past couple of classes and today's Charlas drove that point home.

In other classes, if I've got something to say that's relevant, I'll speak up. The focus on culture and history, including current events, calls for students to express their own opinions. And boy, once I start off with 'yo creo que,' it's amazing how much comes out of my mouth-and how far three semesters in una otra lengua has taken me.

Instead of being down on myself for not being an A student in this class, I'm embracing the knowledge that I can hold my own in a conversation that doesn't focus on what my name is or what I am studying.

A mí me gusta.


Saffa Chick said…
I'm very impressed! Learning a new language, as an adult, is extremely difficult. Well done ;-)

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