One Down, Two to Go

Twenty six years and three months after I entered college, I finally earned a degree. Last night, I joined 70 of my peers and participated in graduation.

It was weird to be there and only have one of my friends graduating at the same time (and I sat with him for the ceremony). In some respects, it was good- I didn't have anyone giving me a hard time about the moments where I got a little verklempt during the evening!

Some of the speakers echoed my thoughts about the ceremony. One asked the audience to rise so that the graduates could honor them. I would not be there last night without the support of Ed and the boys, because they've made sacrifices in the effort to get this B.A.

The second spoke of finishing that bachelor's degree and getting her first job, thinking her goal was just to be the best teacher she could be. Ten years later, she had a PhD, because being the best meant more education. I'm a little different, I got to that decision before finishing the first degree. :)

My friend Jenn came up to me after the ceremony and said she knew that I was sitting in that audience, listening to those speakers and thinking "this is only the beginning, I've got more work to do here." She knows me well. Then again, I've made a bunch of friends while at school who share similar goals.

Watch this space in another 18 months for another graduation...


ligirl said…
Congratulations! I am so happy for you, and so proud of you, too! I wanted to call you last night to tell you so myself, but stupid AT&T had issues and I was unable to make outgoing calls all day! :-(
Hope you know how much I love you and again, how happy and proud I am!

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