The Hip Bone's Connected to the Headache

Femoral Neck Fracture.

Partial Hip Replacement.

That's what we gleaned from Jane's doctor yesterday. He asked where she lives, and I told him she lives in an apartment that she tells people is assisted living, but the property manager points out that they're not. Her doctor didn't seem too concerned.

However, he told us that she's got about 2 months of rehabilitation ahead,with x rays every two weeks. He doesn't know Jane-we do. I kept my mouth shut, because frankly, if she doesn't care enough about doing whatever it takes to get better, why should we?

She's supposed to be released from the hospital tomorrow, but to where, we don't know. Nor do we know for how long, as it depends on how much effort she'll put into walking again. The big concerns with hip injuries are that reduced mobility increases her risk of blood clots or pneumonia due to increased fluid in the lungs. She's already on Plavix for elevated clot risk, and she is supposed to follow a low fluid diet because she has had many episodes of congestive heart failure.

It's hard to back away when you know what can (and probably will) happen, but she needs to make this effort on her own. We're done talking, she has to start working on this herself.


LceeL said…
Grannie, too. Femoral Neck Fracture. Hemi Arthroplasty (half hip replacement). And extended rehab. At least she lives with us - and we can make sure she's does what she's supposed to.

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