Crouching Tiger, Hidden Kitty

The cat is annoyed at me.

Yesterday, I was cleaning and rearranging things in preparation for a small graduation party. He was miffed, because some of his perches within the house were moved.

Then today, we spent most of the day cleaning in preparation and he was spooked. He hid in GameTeen's room, a place he rarely goes. While we had guests, he didn't want to be out-in fact, he hid. As my bedroom was closed off, he couldn't go to his favorite hiding place, under my bed. Instead, he chose a spot in GameTeen's room where nobody would find him

Now, almost two hours after the last guest has departed, he's still in there. I tried to bring him out, but he was having nothing to do with me. However, he did something he's never done before-curled up next to GameTeen on the bed.

He's never had this many people in the house with him before. I guess he doesn't like it.

He'll need to work on his hiding places, though!


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