We Interrupt Tonight's Scheduled Post About Graduation to Bring You This Important Message


I got a hit to my blog today from your site. Apparently, one of your readers searched your site for college, read one of MY posts on your site, and then came to my blog from your site. Imagine my surprise when I found that I am a CONTRIBUTOR to your site, when until I saw the hit on my sitemeter, I'd never even heard of Disney Detectives

Your site states that you are "Discovering Disney news, one site at a time." I'd like to know what Disney news you found in this post on my site: http://suzannesez.blogspot.com/2010/12/letter-to-dad.html to warrant its placement on your site as this: http://www.disneydetectives.com/tag/college/

My biggest issue with finding several of my posts on your site is that they're all there without so much as a request from someone at your site asking if I would like to become a contributor or perhaps write original content for you (as I have on other sites in the past). Instead, you've tagged my original content 'posted by Suzanne in uncategorized,' as if I've given my okay for it to be there. I have not.

Yes, I write about Disney, but that has nothing to do with a good 90% of my blog. Even if I do happen to write about Disney, I have not given you permission to post them on your site.

Thank you so very much. Tonight's post was supposed to be all about the culmination of my undergraduate experience in college. However, I'm wondering if that, too, will show up on your site-even when it has absolutely nothing to do with Disney.

Would you please explain to me how my posts have shown up on your site without permission?


Suzanne from Suzanne Calling

**And no, I did not graduate Disney University, so that hardly makes my college posts relevant to Disney news.***


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