Head Scratcher

To graduate my fine University, you have to fill out several "Application for Graduation" forms. One is a PDF form that can only be completed and submitted online that I've been trying to submit for over a month.

This morning, I called the Financial Aid office, as this one is what allows me to see funding for my graduate studies. I explained to the young lady who answered the phone that I've been trying to submit this form but have been unsuccessful, is there someone I can email it to?

She asks if I've checked both of the boxes in the certification portion. Yes, I reply, then she asks "You have a Mac, don't you?" When I reply in the affirmative, she tells me that this form doesn't work on a Mac. "We get a lot of phone calls about that?'

I made an offhand comment that perhaps the form or the instructions that accompany the form should state this, as I could have submitted this thing weeks ago from a computer on campus. I was brushed off, and thought "hey, whatever, if you don't mind all those phone calls, I guess it's okay."

Later, I made a trek to the campus to return my rented textbooks and to meet up with someone about my CLEP score not posting to my transcript. Since I was there, I walked into the Financial Aid office to ask some questions about what happens if I get a Graduate Assistant job after accepting or receiving financial aid funds.

The lady I spoke with was very helpful and answered those questions, then I asked how long it will take to see the aid information on my web page, as I'd just submitted the form. She was stunned, then I explained that I have a Mac and the form says nothing about the incompatibility issue.

She wrote down the information and agreed that it would cut down on their workload, so her boss might add the verbage so other students don't do the same thing.

Even though the semester's over, I learned a lesson today: if something doesn't work on the University website, get on a PC and see if it's a compatibility issue.


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