A Parting Gift

Earlier this week, I picked up my cap and gown. (It's still sitting in the bag, because the cat will make sure to deposit many fawn colored hairs on that black gown as possible.) The university asks all students to fill out a survey before receiving these items, so I did my part.

After completing the task, I was given a little bag with some parting gifts. In with the little trinkets was this little guy:

"Oh how cute, I've got a bull of my own!" Rocky stayed in my handbag, because the cat is also partial to gnawing on plastic and/or rubber objects. Wednesday night, I pulled him out to show a friend in class and felt something on the bottom. See:

Not only did I get a bull of my own to signify my graduation from USFP, I got an anatomically correct bull.

What else would you expect from a research institution?

Now I know why Rocky the Bull is clothed at all school events!


meghan said…
That little guy is so cute, I love it! :)

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