Finding Treasures

There are quite a few boxes that have been moved with us from Maryland that have not been opened. Many of those are just because we didn't have any place to put them.

However, today a friend was looking for sheet music for "O Come, O Come Emmanuel" that included the obligato part that our high school choir performed along with the four part harmonies. It's a very pretty addition to a wonderful advent song.

I had noticed that one of the boxes was labeled music and set about opening it to see if it was sheet music from the piano bench (regrettably, the bench fell apart many years ago). I did find the dittos of the old standards we performed, and as I suspected, the descant was not written in. There was a holiday treasure trove, 'Christmas in Song' and I filched one of those my senior year, because it was the most comprehensive sheet music of Christmas carols you could find (and it is small, too)

Opening that box, I found many goodies: sheet music, concert programs and my DSM IV (that I bought long before I was to become a Psychology major). Another box was also labeled music, so I opened that-and found an envelope of my essays from Comp 1 & 2, along with many of my textbooks from College 1.0.

It was a pleasant find. I read my papers, composed quickly during class after the professor would say "Okay, today you're going to write about a pet peeve/My Last Dutchess/What change would I like at the college/Oedipus Rex" and the words would flow from my pen in a bubbly script so common to teenage girls. And yes, I was a teenager when I took those classes.

The feedback from these two professors was nice to read, 25 years later. One emphatically commented "You can WRITE! This is well thought out, not like the drivel of your classmates," while challenging me to continue writing out my thoughts beyond the classroom assignment. It was a snapshot of a very different person, one who was very idealistic.

Some people open boxes and hope to find new baubles or gadgets, but opening those boxes today brought me more happiness and good thoughts than anything you could buy from a store...


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